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    5 Reasons Why People Prefer This Massage Gun Over Their Massage Therapist.

     If you're looking to release muscle tension quickly, meet Musclegun. Developed with one purpose in mind: to give anyone the benefits of a professional grade massage anytime, anywhere.

    Here's 5 reasons why people are choosing Musclegun:

    1. It works!
    Using Musclegun can quickly reduce muscle + joint soreness and continue to be used as a tool for regular relief.

    2. Musclegun is less expensive then the alternative... By a lot!

    You'll pay around $85-109 for one single hour long session at a massage therapist. And the result may not be any better than using our affordable at home massage gun.

    Buy once, use every day.

    3. Easy to use - no complicated techniques required.

    Anybody can use the Musclegun - it's that easy!

    Each kit comes with everything you need for therapist grade soft tissue work with 6 swappable attachment heads (including 2 metal tipped heads).

    All you have to do is slot in your favourite head, choose the intensity, then glide across sore and tight muscles.

    4. You'll feel immediate results.

    You don't need to clear your schedule or interrupt your day for a massage treatment - you can have a professional grade therapy massage from home and it only takes a few minutes per day.

    Yes! That's all it takes. Another reason that using Musclegun is a no-brainer for keeping muscle tension away.

    5. Risk Free Purchase

    Every Musclegun comes with a 2-year warranty so you can feel confident with the quality. Even better? You get free express shipping.

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    Samsung Lithium-ion

    Our brushless motor is quiet and efficient and paired with our Samsung batteries you can enjoy weeks of pain relief, on a single charge.

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    100% Local

    Owned, operated, and shipped out of Christchurch - No long overseas shipping times or questionable customer support.

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    With 6 attachments and 6 speed settings, you can address every muscle in your body.

    icon of massage gun anti-slip handle

    Attention To Detail

    Featuring a silicone grip designed to absorb vibrations and provide a comfortable grip in all conditions.